Who  or What is MsElaineous Pottery?
Elaine Klapproth is Ms. Elaine.  I love making pottery - not just one type of pot over and over, not just one color.  I enjoy variety, miscellaneous shapes, colors and challenges.....hence MsElaineous Pottery!

I love glazes.   Greatly anticipated results from chemical reactions in the kiln....the minerals, oxidation and reduction all play a part, guided by the artist, but not completely controlled.

Brief Bio:
My first exposure to clay was as a child exploring deposits in the creeks of the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  Earning a BS in Chemistry from Purdue University, I pursued my interest in the science of chemical reactions.

Years later as a resident of Hampstead, NC I rekindled my interest in ceramic arts.  Chemical reactions play a huge part in my creative endeavors in clay.

My influences are as varied as my life's experiences and travels.  Forms, colors and shapes - giant California Redwoods, Tlingit ceremonial masks, rain forests, fjords, beaches and Galapagos wildlife.  All have had an impact on me and my art.

Coastal Carolina Clay Guild

Coastal Carolina Clay Guild exhibition June 3-30, 2016 at the
Wellington B. Gray Gallery - East Carolina University

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